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Travelling on a Frecciargento train

Fast, tilting Frecciargento services operated by Trenitalia combine comfort with speed. Once known as Eurostar Alta Velocità, but now branded as part of Italy’s long-distance Frecce family of trains, Frecciargento trains operate on both high-speed and traditional lines. Seat reservation is obligatory and included in the ticket price.

Frecciargento trains have opened up access to Italy’s high-speed network to the country’s extremities. These trains do indeed run on the core high-speed artery from Milan to Rome, but unlike Frecciarossa trains Frecciargento services then use ordinary lines to connect other cities into the high-speed network. Venice, Brescia, Bolzano and Lecce all thus benefit. There is even a twice daily service to Reggio di Calabria at the toe of Italy.

Frecciargento trains provide two classes of seated accommodation. Air-conditioned open-plan carriages with comfortable seats and spacious room for luggage are the hallmark of all Italian Frecce trains. Electrical sockets are available at each seat and all trains convey a buffet car for purchasing snacks and refreshments. Wi-Fi access is available on board.

Seating and sleeping on Frecciargento


Standard Class

Standard Class on Frecciargento trains consists of groups of four fabric-covered, reclining seats around tables as well as pairs of airline-style seats. Luggage can be stored above your head or at the end of each carriage.

Food and drink on Frecciargento


Bar / Bistro

A bistro service with sandwiches, salads, cakes, snacks and a range of hot and cold dishes and drinks is located in the middle of every Frecciargento train. Enjoy your meal either in the bistro carriage or take it to your seat.

Image credits: © Kabelleger / David Gubler CC BY-SA 3.0

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Countries Children Youths
Belgium and Luxembourg 6 - 11 12 - 25
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Italy 4 - 11 12 - 25
Netherlands (including Thalys) 4 - 11 12 - 25
Spain* 4 - 13 14 - 25
Switzerland 6 - 16 17 - 25
United Kingdom* 5 - 15 16 - 25
others 4 - 11 12 - 25

* There are some exceptions to these definitions. Please see child and youth passenger age requirements for more information.

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