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Travelling on an AVE train

AVE high-speed, air-conditioned services operated by Renfe constitute the top-end of Spain’s range of long-distance trains, running at up to 310 km/h. Spacious, modern and air-conditioned, AVE trains use high-speed routes to connect major Spanish cities.

AVE trains are used on all services between Spain and France except for trains running to Paris (which use TGV Duplex trains). Within Spain, AVEs operate on many routes from the Spanish capital, connecting Madrid with Barcelona, Seville, Léon, Alicante, Malaga and Valencia. They also run on inter-regional routes, for example from Barcelona and Valencia to Seville and Malaga. For stunning scenery, the Madrid to Cordoba route is hard to beat – the railway slices through the wild Sierra Morena.

AVE trains offer three classes of seated accommodation. As with all Spanish long-distance train services, a seat reservation is obligatory. Tickets and reservations will be checked on the platform before boarding the train. Do note that check-in closes two minutes before train departure.

Seating and sleeping on AVE

Feature Feature Feature

Standard Class

Seating in Standard Class (called Turista) on AVE trains is arranged in pairs of airline-style seats across a central aisle. The open-plan carriages are comfortable and offer good legroom. Luggage can be stored in the racks at the end of each carriage and overhead. There are power sockets and on-board radio facilities at your seat.

Food and drink on AVE


Café / Buffet

Every AVE train carries a café or buffet car accessible to all passengers that offers hot and cold snacks and drinks during your journey. At lunch and dinner time hot meals can be ordered. Don’t expect fine dining; you’ll either take your snack back to your seat or enjoy it while standing at one of the bar tables in the buffet car.

Image credits: © Renfe Operadora

Passenger age requirements

Different countries have different classifications for "Child" and "Youth". That's why we ask you to enter the age of young passengers when you search.

Countries Children Youths
Belgium and Luxembourg 6 - 11 12 - 25
Eurostar 4 - 11 12 - 25
France* 4 - 11 12 - 25
Germany* 6 - 14 15 - 25
Italy 4 - 11 12 - 25
Netherlands (including Thalys) 4 - 11 12 - 25
Spain* 4 - 13 14 - 25
Switzerland 6 - 16 17 - 25
United Kingdom* 5 - 15 16 - 25
others 4 - 11 12 - 25

* There are some exceptions to these definitions. Please see child and youth passenger age requirements for more information.

You can also read about Youth and Senior discounts and railcards.

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