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Meet our team of train geeks

  • Jamie colour

    Jamie Andrews

    When Jamie’s sister said that she wanted to go travelling instead of taking Loco2 forward in 2007, Jamie said “I’ll do it, it’ll only take six months!”. Forever the optimist, Jamie is now expert in all things European rail. He takes the lead in building relationships with rail operators and investors, as well as helping to shape Loco2′s product/UX.

  • Kate colour

    Kate Andrews

    Dotter of t’s, crosser of i’s, Kate makes sure Loco2 runs a tight ship (train). Coming from a background in customer service and office management, Kate runs operations and leads on customer satisfaction. She’s also Loco2’s editor; drawing on years of overland travel experience to inspire and inform the Loco2 community with train travel content.

  • Eugene colour

    Eugene Bolshakov

    Originally hailing from Astrakhan by the Caspian Sea in southern European Russia, Yevgeniy (or Eugene to us English-speakers) has been unleashing his technical wizardry on the Loco2 codebase for the past four years. In 2012 he moved from St Petersburg (where he organised the St Petersburg Ruby Users Group) to London, where he continues to create order out of the chaos that is the European rail market.

  • Pat colour

    Patrick Holmberg

    Pat is the man with the spreadsheets, responsible for all things financial. ACA qualified with a background in tax, consultancy and management accounting, Pat has been tempted away from a PhD and career in lecturing to crunch numbers at Loco2.

  • Doreen colour

    Doreen Schindler

    Originally from Leipzig, Doreen brings an efficient German touch (and delicious homemade biscuits) to the team. After many years in the airline industry, she's switched from planes to trains to keep Loco2's product management and operations on track.

  • Lee colour

    Lee Jarvis

    From carpenter to coder, Lee has been involved in the Ruby community since 2004. When venturing around Europe in his teens, Lee felt the pain of booking train journeys and today he productively channels this into Loco2, whilst continuing his commitment to open source software.

  • Luke colour

    Łukasz Strzygowski

    If you asked Luke to decide which mode of transport he loves the most, he would say trains (right, Luke?). An avid amateur pilot living in the beautiful city of Krakow, Luke has been writing software since he was old enough to open up a terminal, and in addition to Loco2, is an active open source contributor.

  • Martin colour

    Martin Andert

    As the son of a railwayman and living near an important railway hub (in German this is called a Eisenbahnknotenpunkt), when it comes to trains, Martin knows his stuff. When he’s not tackling tricky coding challenges, he loves spending time with his wife and kids and playing the guitar.

  • James colour

    James Robins

    Here to give you a first class service with before and after-sale care. James draws on his experience in customer service to solve any complex problem you can throw at him. With a passion for sustainable and stylish travel, he believes trains are the only way to go.

  • Catherine colour

    Catherine Bodry

    A pathological traveller, Catherine has been lucky enough to fund and feed her wanderlust writing for Lonely Planet and other outlets. At various times she's called France, Ireland, China and Thailand home. She brings a love for overnight trains and a spidey-sense for trouble to the Loco2 customer support team.

  • Joe colour

    Joe Baldwin

    The latest addition to our customer service team, Joe is a longboard champion who lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Spain. When he’s not busy being a Train Geek, Joe loves exploring mountains, reading sci-fi and secretly googling train facts.

  • Margot colour

    Margot Melville

    Since first interning with Loco2 before it was even really a thing, Margot has trodden a varied path, from Physics and Psychology at Cambridge to tree surgery and activist drumming in Edinburgh. She is passionate about getting people off planes and onto trains, and puts her statistical analysis skills to good use when swimming in a sea of rail data.

  • Sean colour

    Sean Connell

    Designing for over 10 years, Sean combines thoughtful design with cutting edge technology to deliver digital experiences with impact. He works tirelessly on the design and user experience of Loco2 to make the booking process as easy as possible.

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