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Prices explained

Prices explained

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  1. Cheapest price £9.30
  2. 30 day advance £45.50
  • First train
  • Last train
  • Avg changes
  • Fastest journey
    3hr 49m
  1. It is very easy to travel by train from Milan to Pisa, and the journey is filled with scenery. The seven fast trains that run direct between the two cities are either Frecciabianca or Intercity services – both offering reasonable comfort. The journey takes four hours (or slightly more for trains with more stops on the way).

    The route runs south from Milan through Pavia to reach the Ligurian coast at Genoa. It then turns south-east along the coast, with views of the Cinque Terre villages in the stretch just beyond Levanto. These are brief, however, for much of the line is in tunnels as it traverses the Cinque Terre coast. Sit on the right side of the train for the best views.

    In addition to the fast trains, there are two slow trains from Milan to Pisa each day. These do not run along the Ligurian coast, but take an inland route, making two dozen stops along the way. Bookings for all services open about two months prior to travel, and that's when you'll find the cheapest tickets.

    Milan to Pisa

    Milan to Pisa

    Seven fast trains each day leave Milano Centrale for the journey to Pisa, arriving at Pisa Centrale. The journey by Frecciabianca or Intercity train takes between 4 hours and 4 hrs 15 mins. These fast trains make between eight and 15 stops along the way, so this is not the typical Italian high-speed journey between major cities. The mood of this route is more leisurely and, with some decent landscape along the way, the train journey from Milan to Pisa is relaxing and pleasant.

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