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UK rail on Loco2

UK rail on Loco2

12 November 2013

Loco2 sells all UK train tickets, without adding any booking fees!

This blog post refers to the launch of UK rail on Loco2 in 2013. We were proud to add UK rail, making it possible to buy train tickets all over the United Kingdom - without any booking fees!

For more information on taking the train in the UK, visit our guide to trains to the UK

Book UK train tickets

From today, it's now possible to book trains from any UK station to thousands of European destinations in one transaction. 

Since we started Loco2 we've wanted to offer tickets for journeys that begin elsewhere in the UK (not everyone lives in London!). We've already been selling tickets for thousands of trains in Europe, including all the most popular high-speed services, but the lack of UK rail was an obvious gap.

By connecting to ATOC, the body that that represents all train operators, we can sell tickets for pretty much every train in the United Kingdom. This means that you can combine any UK fare with a Eurostar to Paris, a TGV to Nice or a ICE to Berlin, all in one simple transaction and without the need to visit multiple websites.

You can also use Loco2 to book UK train tickets without an onward international connection. You'll find all ticket types on sale, including discount Advance tickets and other cheap tickets - the prices are exactly the same as those you'll find on other popular sites, crucially without a booking fee - making us cheaper than Trainline!

"A virtually door-to-door solution which isn't something easyJet or Ryanair can boast!"

– Mark Smith - The Man in Seat 61

We've worked hard to make sure that booking from the UK into Europe is as seamless as possible. And we've also included 'CIV' fares to help your travel run smoothly too. Here's what Mark Smith, the Man in Seat 61, had to say:

"Loco2 has achieved something remarkable. For the first time, you can enter the name of your local station, then enter Amsterdam or Venice or Lucerne or Berlin or Copenhagen and it'll work out (and book) all your trains.

I give Loco2 top marks for using that well-kept secret for the UK part of the journey, London International (CIV) tickets. These special fares have fewer time restrictions than regular tickets, so if you're connecting with Eurostar, you can often travel in the peak at an off-peak price. They also mean that CIV international conditions of carriage apply to your whole journey, so if a delay or other disruption affects your UK train, no problem, you'll be rebooked on a later Eurostar & onward trains at no extra charge."

This is a huge step towards our goal of making booking a train as easy as booking a flight. We're really grateful for everyone who has supported us on our journey so far. And as always, we welcome any feedback you may have to help us keep improving.

Image credit: Edinburgh, United Kingdom © | Dreamstime

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