Loco2 is changing tracks and will soon be known as Rail Europe. Read more
 Loco2 to rebrand

Loco2 to rebrand

2 September 2019

Tannoy announcement: Loco2 is rebranding to Rail Europe.

It has been a long time in the planning, and finally we are able to let you know that we are soon to change our name to Rail Europe. The big day is 6 November 2019 and we are excited, to say the least. We just wanted to give you a heads up and share some of the reasons behind this change of tracks. 

Why Rail Europe?

Rail Europe is a well-established brand worldwide in the Americas, India, across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Rail Europe was acquired by OUI.sncf in 2013, as were we in 2017. It is also the international powerhouse of SNCF’s digital entity, e-voyageurs SNCF. As we are both international ticket selling platforms, and part of the same family, it made sense for us to leverage on agility and innovation and continue to grow internationally together as one. 

The Loco2 name

Of course, we love our name and so do many of our customers. However, these decisions are never taken lightly. Rail Europe is a heritage brand, in that it has been selling tickets to keen train travellers since 1932. After a very informative focus group with some of our keen volunteers (you know who you are, and thank you!) we realised that, even though people loved our Loco2 name, few realised its environmental play on words, ie. Loco2 also meaning ‘low CO2’. 

We aren’t going anywhere

So, we may be putting the Loco2 name to bed, but we are waking up to a whole new set of Rail Europe adventures. Many of which are actually dreams come true for us because we will, with time, have access to rail passes, special deals and facilities which we aren’t currently able to offer. And of course, the care and support we give our customers won’t be going anywhere either. Providing great, personal service is at the heart of what we do, and this won’t change. 

The changes ahead

The brand name on the website and app will of course change, overnight between 5 and 6 November. No plot or treason, just a plethora of planning and a lot of tech. By 6 November our website address will also change. After this date, if you search for Loco2 you will be redirected to our rebranded Rail Europe website. We hope you will welcome our new ‘family’ with the same generosity of spirit and commitment to rail travel that you have shown us over the years. 

Here are the new links to get to the rebranded Loco2 > Rail Europe website:

Raileurope.co.uk  for English speakers

Raileurope.de      for German speakers

Raileurope.it        for Italian speakers

Raileurope.es       for Spanish speakers

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