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International German train tickets from £18.50

International German train tickets from £18.50

7 June 2019

International trains to and from Germany on special offer.

There are many quick and easy routes to explore, at special offer prices, if you want to travel between France, Belgium or the Netherlands and Germany during these summer months. With tickets from as low as £18.50 one-way, they will be on offer until they run out. Price examples are £18.50 from Zurich to Stuttgart or Berlin and Prague, £27.50 on high-speed, direct trains between Amsterdam and Berlin, £35.50 between Paris and Munich and £36.50 from Brussels to Salzburg, as this route is run by German high-speed ICE trains


Munich is the capital of Bavaria and yet just 5 hrs 41 mins from Paris by direct, high-speed train. You can raise a cold stein, go wild swimming in the River Isar, or head off to explore a pretty plethora of Bavarian lakes, mountains and gorges on the city’s doorstep. Check out Ammersee, just a 50 mins S-Bahn ride from the city, or take a train to Berchtesgaden to hike in the Wimbach Valley and gorge. 

Frankfurt am Main

Travel between Paris and Frankfurt am Main (4 hrs 7 mins) during these summer months for as little as £35.50 to discover a city that sheds its financial centre skin for a slightly more fun one. The riverside boardwalks are all bikes and skates, beer gardens and apple wine bars are the places to be. Check out the Apple Wine Festival 9 to 18 August or the Rheingau Wine Festival 28 August until 6 September. There are also bargains to be had between Marseille and Frankfurt, with tickets from £35.50.


At tickets from £18.50 between Zurich and Stuttgart, or £35.50 from Paris, it is just rude not to visit these cities this summer. Just 3 hrs from Paris by train, for example, Stuttgart is a very stylish city. Not surprising given that it’s home to Porsche and Mercedes Benz. This flair has filtered through to its wide array of stylish hotels and restaurants, gardens and parks, all of which come to life at this time of year. Look at a map of the city and see why their green areas are called Das Grüne U, as they create a U shape around most of it. All peppered with beer gardens, of course.

Image credits top to bottom: Canal in Strasbourg iStock ©tepic, spring in Frankfurt iStock ©Markus Thoenen, St John's Church Stuttgart istock ©tichr, swimming in River Isar in Munich ©querbeet

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