Our bears are going places

Our bears are going places

22 November 2018

If you find one of our Loco2 bears in a small suitcase, sitting all alone on a UK train somewhere, don't ignore it - open it up and discover more about how you can contribute to our NSPCC charity's 'Going There Bear' campaign.

Many of us have had that moment when we see a child’s beloved toy left on a train and feel helpless in knowing that somewhere there are tears. Indeed we may have been that child once. If you see a small, brown suitcase containing a toy Loco2 bear sitting on a UK train, however, it will have a reassuring message inside saying: ”I’m not lost, so please do not take me to lost property. If you do, it will be the end of my adventure, and my fundraising for NSPCC!”.  The NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to Children) is the leading national charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK. 

This week we have sent four ‘Going There Bears’ off on rail journey adventures from different UK stations (not just Paddington!). They will be heading in different directions around the UK each with a GPS-tracker device inside. For every mile travelled by our bears, as measured by the GPs-tracker, we will donate a penny to the NSPCC and, in addition,  each time one of the bears is taken home, and its visit is recorded via social media or email, we will donate an extra £5. If you like this idea but aren’t lucky enough to come across our bears, you can also just go ahead and donate yourself via our Going There Bear JustGiving page. In the meantime, do follow our bears’ journeys at #goingtherebear.

As a UK and European train booking platform, we have named our four bears with our most commonly used languages at Loco2. So keep an eye out for English Choo Choo, Spanish Chucu Chucu, Italian Ciuf Ciuf or French Tchou Tchou and follow the instructions given on the bear to help us raise money for the NSPCC.  We will post updates on Twitter, Facebook and on this blog post.  We rather love the latest news on Ciuf Ciuf, who was being taken to see the live show of The Snowman at Sadler's Wells in London. Everyone needs a bear hug at the end of The Snowman, let's face it. 

“We’re delighted that Loco2 have decided to raise funds for the NSPCC via their ‘Going There Bears’. The money raised by  each bear will go towards funding vital NSPCC services that help young people get their lives back on track after suffering abuse. We would like to say thank you to everyone at Loco2 and their four special passengers for helping us be there for children who need us most.”

 Joanna Burton, NSPCC

Photo Credits: ©Loco2. 

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