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Prices explained

Prices explained

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  1. Cheapest price £77.00
  2. 30 day advance £77.00
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    2hr 9m
  1. It is a very easy transfer by train from Zurich Airport or Zurich's main station (Zurich HB) to Brig in the Swiss Alps. The tickets we sell for this route are completely flexible and can be used on any train within one month of the date of the ticket. So you don’t need to worry about being tied to a particular train if your flight is delayed.

    There is an hourly direct train from Zurich Airport station (shown as 'Zurich Flughafen' in our booking mask above) to Brig. The 237-kilometre journey takes about 2 hrs 30 mins. You’ll see a fine feast of Swiss scenery on the way to Brig. All services on this route stop at Zurich HB (in the city centre) about 20 minutes after leaving the airport.

    Tickets for your train journey from Zurich Airport to Brig normally go on sale two months in advance. Tickets sold through Loco2 for this journey are at a fixed price so there is no real advantage in booking ages in advance. Bear in mind that we issue paper tickets for this journey, so book at least ten days prior to travel so that we can post your tickets to you.

    Zurich to Brig

    Zurich to Brig

    Comfortable Intercity trains run direct from Zurich Airport to Brig. Many of these trains have a restaurant car on board, so you can enjoy a meal or a glass of wine on your journey. The train leaves from the underground platforms at Zurich Airport station (which is well-signed from the terminal). The route runs via Zurich city centre and the Swiss capital Berne.

    Running south from Berne, there are fine views of the Thuner See to the left before the train plunges into the 34-kilometre long Lötschberg Base Tunnel to Visp. From there it’s just a few kilometres up the Rhône Valley to Brig. Most trains on this route make five intermediate stops between Zurich Airport and Brig.

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