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The Matterhorn is not Switzerland’s highest mountain. That honour goes to the Dufourspitze, but the Matterhorn is certainly the iconic Swiss peak, and no resort is more intimately associated with the Matterhorn than Zermatt. This is the mother of all Alpine resorts, and it’s much to the credit of local planners that Zermatt has not been completely wrecked by mass tourism.

No matter how chic your Mercedes, there’s no way you’ll be allowed to drive into Zermatt. The only way to Zermatt is by train. Sounds unusual? Well, everything about Zermatt is quirky, but it’s worth making the effort to visit. Few communities in Europe can match Zermatt when it comes to scenery and setting. The Pennine Alps rise up steeply behind the town, from where on clear days there are superb views of the Matterhorn and the Dufourspitze. And you don't need ice axe and crampons to really get up high. The Gornergrat mountain railway climbs up from Zermatt to well over 3,000 metres above sea level. (We don't sell tickets for the Gornergrat ride, but you can easily buy them in Zermatt).

The rail service to Zermatt is run by the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (MGB), a metre-gauge mountain railway with schedules and fares which are fully integrated into the Swiss national rail system. But do note that some rail passes are not recognised on MGB trains.

MGB trains leave Zermatt twice-hourly for Visp, where there are connections with the main Swiss rail network. Alternate trains from Zermatt continue beyond Visp to Brig. The star departure of the day from Zermatt is the Glacier Express to St Moritz (which runs all year bar for a seven-week autumn break). Loco2 can sell tickets for all these MGB trains, but not for the company’s other train services.

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Travel to Zermatt by train from anywhere in the UK or across Europe

London to Zermatt by train

from £155.00

Avg 3 changes 10hr 33m

Geneva Airport to Zermatt by train

from £86.00

Avg 1 change 3hr 43m

Zurich to Zermatt by train

from £108.00

Avg 1 change 3hr 9m

Lausanne to Zermatt by train

from £69.00

Avg 1 change 2hr 51m

Paris to Zermatt by train

from £94.50

Avg 2 changes 6hr 27m

Geneva to Zermatt by train

from £76.00

Avg 1 change 3hr 34m

Visp to Zermatt by train

from £31.00

Avg 0 changes 55m

Berne to Zermatt by train

from £79.00

Avg 1 change 2hr 2m

Basel to Zermatt by train

from £100.00

Avg 1 change 3hr 5m

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