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Prices explained

Prices explained

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  2. 30 day advance £31.50
  3. 7 day advance £32.60
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    3hr 12m
  1. The train from Rome to Venice travels 500 kilometres across Italy. Trains depart at least hourly, travelling from Rome via Florence and Bologna to reach Venice. Choose either Trenitalia or NTV Italo services on this important route across Italy.

    From Rome the route follows the Tiber Valley northwards, eventually travelling through the hills to reach Tuscany. Beyond Florence, the line cuts in long tunnels through the hills to Bologna, from where the terrain is much flatter on the final part of the journey to Venice.

    The fast trains from Rome to Venice take under 4 hours. If you aren't on a tight schedule, there are also much slower Intercity trains to Venice. They avoid the high-speed lines and take a couple of hours longer. Whichever route you choose from Rome to Venice, you’ll normally be able to book tickets from about four months in advance of travel. Italo services may go on sale even earlier; book early for the cheapest tickets.

    Rome to Venice

    Rome to Venice

    The fast direct trains from Rome to Venice do not all leave from the same station in Rome. Check your booking carefully. Trenitalia’s Frecciargento and Frecciarossa services usually start from Roma Termini and then stop 10 minutes later to pick up passengers at Tiburtina. Two trains each day start from Roma Fiumicino, giving a direct link from the airport to Venice. The Italo services all serve Tiburtina, with four trains each day also picking up travellers at Roma Termini.

    Fast trains from Rome all stop at Venice Mestre, with most services then continuing over the bridge to Venezia Santa Lucia. The latter is much more convenient for the heart of the Old Town. The fast services from Rome to Venice make anything from one to four stops on their journey between the two cities.

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