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Prices explained

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  1. Cheapest price £11.50
  2. 30 day advance £36.60
  3. 7 day advance £51.90
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  • Avg changes
  • Fastest journey
    4hr 22m
  1. It is easy to take the train from Rome to Bari, a port town on the Adriatic. Comfortable Frecciargento trains cover the 500-kilometre route in about 4 hours. You can choose between three different services: morning, early afternoon and evening. In addition to the fast Frecciargento option, there is an occasional Intercity train. It takes 2 hours longer than the Frecciargento service, but it often have bargain-basement fares.

    The Frecciargento trains run south from Rome on the high-speed line towards Naples, branching off that line near Caserta and cutting into the hill country that creates the spine of Italy. Beyond Benevento, there is a gorgeous stretch of mountainous terrain. At Foggia the train reverses direction, then heads south-east along the coast to Bari.

    Bookings for the journey from Rome to Bari normally open four months prior to travel, and that's when you'll find the cheapest tickets.

    Rome to Bari

    Rome to Bari

    All trains to Bari leave from Roma Termini station. The Frecciargento trains make just four stops on the journey from Rome to Bari. At Bari, trains stop at Bari Centrale station before continuing down the coast to Brindisi and Lecce. The varied nature of the terrain makes this 4-hour journey a very enjoyable short trip across Italy by train.

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Image credits: Small port of Bari by Marco Tamma

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