Paris to Turin by train (TGV)

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Paris to Turin by train (TGV)

Trains from Turin to Paris usually run three times each day, taking under 6 hours for a journey that winds slowly through the Alps. There are plans to further improve this route, using a new high-speed line from Lyon to Turin, but that’s still only at the drawing-board stage so for the next few years passengers can still enjoy the Alpine views along one of Europe’s classic rail routes.

Bookings for the direct TGV trains from Paris to Turin normally open about four months prior to travel, and that's when you'll find the cheapest tickets.

There is no direct overnight train from Paris to Turin, but those who enjoy overnight travel can take the night sleeper from Paris to Milan, connecting there onto a train to Turin.

Paris to Turin

Fast TGV trains leave the Gare de Lyon in Paris three times each day for Turin. These direct services speed south from the French capital, cutting through Burgundy to reach Lyon, their first stop. After that, the pace slows as the terrain becomes more mountainous. All trains on this route stop at Chambéry and Modane before entering Italy, where the train makes two stops at Bardoneccia and Oulx.

Upon arrival in Turin, the high-speed trains from Paris stop at Porta Susa station, an easy 10-minute walk west of the city centre. Porto Susa affords an excellent range of onward connections - including high-speed services to Florence and Rome, as well as direct trains to Verona and Venice. The TGV from Paris continues beyond Turin Porta Susa to Milan, dawdling rather dashing on the final leg of its long journey from Paris.

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