Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. When you purchase a ticket by using the service you are bound by these terms and conditions as well as the specific fare conditions associated with your train ticket(s).

These terms and conditions are separate from our Website terms of use (which apply whenever you use the Loco2 website, regardless of whether or not you make a booking) and our Privacy Policy (which explains how we handle your personal data). If you do not agree with these terms, you must not use the service to purchase tickets.

Loco2 may vary these terms and conditions at any time. Each time you make a purchase you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions, and any variations of applicable terms, as they appear at the time of booking.

The service is provided by either Loco2 Ltd, or Loco2 France (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Loco2 Ltd), collectively referred to as Loco2.

Loco2 Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 5822368 with registered office at c/o Chapman, Robinson & Moore Ltd, 30 Bankside Court, Stationfields, Kidlington, OXON OX5 1JE.

Loco2 France is registered in France under the RCS Paris number 811 597 103 with registered office at 16 Rue de l'Atlas 75019 Paris, and with ATOUT France registration number IM075150062.

Glossary of terms

In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply unless the context otherwise requires:

Loco2”, “”, “we”, “us”, and “our” means Loco2 Limited or Loco2 France sarl trading as

you” and “your” means any Loco2 customer, including all passengers (or any of them as applicable) named on a booking, and the cardholder (whether or not they are also a passenger).

booking confirmation email” means an email sent to confirm your purchase, containing full details of the tickets purchased and the delivery method.

cardholder” means the named debit or credit card holder who pays for the booking.

carrier” means a railway undertaking or train operating company providing transport or travel services to passengers related to a ticket.

CIV” means the International Convention for the Transportation of Passengers, and referring to a set of uniform rules shared by European railway operators, to cover international journeys.

collect at station” means a ticket that must be collected using a reference contained in your booking confirmation email from a self-service ticket machine or ticket counter at a designated train station.

fare conditions” means the specific conditions that apply to a booking, which you must confirm acceptance of separately to these booking terms and conditions before purchasing a ticket.

force majeure” means a major event that is outside the reasonable control of Loco2 and/or any carrier, whose services are, or may be, affected by such an event.

lead passenger” means the first passenger named on the booking.

Loco2 account” means a user account created at or via one of Loco2's mobile applications (iOS or Android).

Loco2 order reference” means the reference contained in your booking confirmation email used to identify your purchase.

mobile ticket” means a ticket consisting of an image which must be presented from a mobile device on the train.

opening hours” 09.30-18.00 GMT Monday-Friday.

passengers” means all passengers named on the booking.

Passenger Rights” means your rights as a rail passenger in the European Union as contained in EC Regulation No 1371/2007 on Rail Passengers' Rights and Obligations.

postal” means a paper ticket that is sent by Royal Mail post to a UK address according to the delivery method chosen at the point of purchase.

print at home” means a PDF ticket attached to your booking confirmation email that must be printed at home prior to departure.

service” means the ticket-booking service provided at or via one of the Loco2 mobile applications (iOS or Android), as described in section 2 below.

terms and conditions” means the terms and conditions set out below.

ticket” means a ticket entitling travel which may or may not be inclusive of a seat reservation, as per the details and conditions of your booking, covering all delivery methods (postal, print at home, collect at station, mobile, and paperless).

paperless” means a ticket consisting of a reference code which must be presented on the train.

1. Application of terms and conditions
1.1. The terms and conditions contained within this document apply when you, the customer, purchase a ticket through us, Loco2.

2. The service(s) we provide
2.1. Loco2 provides an independent and impartial web-based service that enables you to search for and purchase train tickets from multiple rail operators, including UK train operating companies, SNCF (France), Deutsche Bahn (Germany) and Renfe (Spain).
2.2. Loco2 acts as an agent or sub-agent and only holds responsibility for placing an order on your behalf with the relevant carrier.
2.3. When purchasing tickets issued by SNCF and sold in Euros, the service is provided by Loco2 France. For all other ticket purchases, the service is provided by Loco2 Ltd.

3. Use of the service
3.1. In the case of international bookings, the lead passenger must be at least 18 years old.
3.2. Both the cardholder and all passengers are bound by these terms and conditions.
3.3. The lead passenger agrees to provide accurate and full information to all passengers in relation to the booking, including any changes, and confirms that all passengers agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
3.4. Group bookings (10 people or more) cannot be placed over the Internet, and must be arranged by email or over the telephone.

3.4.1. In the event that a carrier finds a group of more than 10 passengers travelling together without having the correct ticket applicable to a group booking, the carrier reserves the right to cancel the ticket and require the passengers to re-purchase tickets at the rate available at the time of travel or to exclude the passengers from travelling.
3.4.2. Loco2 accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or liability incurred as a result of the group booking not being made in accordance with the above clauses 3.4 and 3.4.1.

4. Pricing, fees and charges
4.1. When you search for a ticket on Loco2, our software queries the relevant carrier booking system(s) for prices. Tickets are subject to availability and prices can change at any time.
4.2. When you confirm your intent to reserve specific tickets our software will check the live availability and price, therefore changes may occur before final price and availability is confirmed.
4.3. Bookings made with a debit card currently incur no booking fees.
4.4. Bookings made with a credit card or PayPal are charged a fee in addition to the ticket price (currently 2.5% of the total booking value). This fee will be identified during the booking process for all applicable bookings.
4.5. Prices quoted on Loco2 are in Pounds Sterling (£) or Euros (€). We are not responsible for the exchange rate if you choose to make a purchase with a credit or debit card from an account that uses a different currency.

5. Your contract
5.1. When you purchase a ticket using the service, the contract is for Loco2 to supply a valid ticket from a relevant carrier(s). This responsibility is discharged once the booking confirmation email has been sent, or in the case of postal tickets, the tickets posted by Loco2.
5.2. After purchasing tickets you will have a separate contract with the relevant carrier(s). The terms and conditions of the carrier(s) will apply to your contract with them.
5.3. For all matters associated with the actual travel and use of the tickets, your contract is directly with the relevant carrier. Loco2 acts only as an agent or sub-agent and will not be liable for any matters arising from, or connected with, the actual travel or use of the tickets, which do not form part of the contract with Loco2.
5.4. The contract with the relevant carrier(s) includes the following, to which the use of the tickets is expressly subject:

5.4.1. The relevant carrier's conditions of carriage and any byelaws of the carrier;
Where travel is with two or more carriers in different countries, the International Convention for the Transportation of Passengers:
5.4.2. Uniform Rules concerning the Contract of International Carriage of Passengers;
5.4.3. the Uniform Additional Regulations to the CIV relating to the liability of the railway for death of and personal injury to passengers;
5.4.4. the conditions of the Standard International Tariffs for the Transport of Passengers and their Luggage.

5.5. All carriers within the EU are subject to EC Regulation No 1371/2007 on Rail Passenger Rights.

6. Your booking
6.1. Loco2 agrees to place a booking on your behalf with a carrier(s) for the tickets you have specified. We will send a booking confirmation email to the address you have provided.
6.2. Any questions relating to your booking should be directed to Loco2 and we will contact the carrier(s) on your behalf or advise you how to do so.
6.3. Your booking may incur payment handling fees or postage charges. These will be confirmed to you at the time of booking.
6.4. A contract is only formed once payment has been received and the booking confirmed. For the avoidance of doubt it is agreed that neither Loco2 nor the carrier(s) shall have any responsibility or liability with respect to any changes to i) a carrier's advance booking period, ii) the availability or non-availability of a carrier's offers, or iii) a carrier's offer terms made at any time before a contract is formed. It is your responsibility to check all such changes and final contract including fare conditions.

7. Accuracy of information provided
7.1. It is your responsibility to provide an accurate email address in order to receive your booking confirmation email. A binding contract between you and the relevant carrier will come into existence when we deliver your booking confirmation email.
7.2. At the moment payment is made, we confirm (and you agree with) details of the booking, the price and any conditions that apply to the tickets.
7.3. Loco2 accepts no liability for, and it is agreed that the carrier shall not be liable for, ticket errors that are the result of incorrect or incomplete information provided at the time of booking.

8. Receiving tickets
8.1. Collect at station tickets are made available by most carriers. Collect at station tickets will be offered by Loco2 where possible and may be the only delivery method for certain tickets.

8.1.1. Your booking confirmation email will contain a reference enabling you to obtain your ticket from a self-service ticket machine or ticket counter at a designated train station.
8.1.2. Please ensure you leave sufficient time to collect your tickets before travel. We recommend at least 30 minutes before your planned departure and 60 minutes in the case of Eurostar journeys.
8.1.3. It is necessary to collect and retain your ticket in order to be permitted to travel. You cannot travel with just a ticket collection reference, or booking confirmation email print out.
8.1.4. The booking confirmation email will confirm if your payment debit or credit card is required when collecting tickets. If the payment card is required to collect tickets, it is your responsibility to have the card used for booking with you when collecting tickets.
8.1.5. It is your responsibility to check the opening times and accessibility of the ticket office and/or ticket collection machines. Loco2 is not liable for any event which results in you being unable to obtain your tickets.

8.2. Print at home tickets are available for some routes and Loco2 offers them where possible.

8.2.1. Your booking confirmation email will include a PDF attachment and/or link to download a PDF ticket.
8.2.2 You must ensure that you print the PDF ticket clearly on A4/US Letter paper. You cannot travel with just an electronic version of the PDF, or a print-out of the booking confirmation email only.
8.2.3. You must carry appropriate identification as required by the fare conditions, including proof of age where necessary. If tickets were purchased for more than one passenger, all passengers should travel together, and the lead passenger is responsible for ensuring that all passengers carry appropriate identification.

8.3. Paperless travel is available for some routes and Loco2 offers this where possible.

8.3.1. Where paperless travel is available this will be clearly displayed during the booking process and in the booking confirmation email.
8.3.2. Your booking confirmation email will contain a "PNR" reference which you can use for travel on the train.
8.3.3. It is not strictly necessary to print your booking confirmation email, but we recommend doing so in order that you have the paperless reference clearly displayed and easily accessible during travel.
8.3.4. The lead passenger's name will be held on a list by the carrier, and the lead passenger must carry identification in order that the carrier can match this with the paperless reference presented on the train.

8.4. Some tickets are only available as postal tickets, and Loco2 offers these when no other delivery method is available.

8.4.1. Postal tickets can only be delivered to UK addresses. If you do not have a suitable UK address that we can post your tickets to, you should not book postal tickets as we are unable to post outside of the UK. Postal tickets booked with a non-UK address specified as the delivery address will be refunded where the fare conditions allow, but Loco2 is not liable for any costs when the tickets purchased are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
8.4.2. If you select "1st Class Post" as the delivery method, your tickets will be dispatched by Royal Mail First Class post to the UK delivery address provided, and you should allow 14 days for receipt of your tickets.
8.4.3. If you select "Special delivery" as the delivery method, your tickets will be dispatched by Royal Mail Signed For First Class to the delivery address you provided, and you should still allow 14 days for delivery.
8.4.4. If you select "1st Class Post" and you do not receive all of your tickets within 14 days you must contact us immediately. If the tickets are found to have been lost in the post, you are liable to pay a £25.00 (€37.50) re-issuing and re-delivery charge. On payment of this charge we will arrange for the tickets to be reissued and re-sent using Royal Mail Signed For First Class as the delivery method.
8.4.5. If you select "Special delivery" and you do not receive your tickets within 14 days you must contact us immediately. If the tickets are found to have been lost in the post, we will arrange for re-issuing and re-delivery of your tickets at no extra charge.
8.4.6. Upon receipt of your tickets please check them carefully. It is your responsibility to notify us if any tickets are missing. Please contact us within 14 days of your booking and we will arrange for the missing tickets to be delivered. If missing tickets are not brought to our attention within 14 days of a booking, you may be liable to pay a £25.00 (€37.50) re-issuing and re-delivery charge.

8.5. Mobile tickets are available for some routes and Loco2 offers them where possible.

8.5.1. Your booking confirmation email will include an image attachment which is also accessible via the 'Your Trips' section of your Loco2 account.
8.5.2. You must ensure that your mobile device is capable of clearly displaying the image whilst travelling.
8.5.3. You are responsible for ensuring that your phone is functioning and has sufficient battery life for the duration of your journey to display the ticket at all times. You may be refused travel if you are unable to display your ticket due to insufficient battery or any other issue with your phone.
8.5.4. If tickets were purchased for more than one passenger, all passengers should travel together and the lead passenger must carry the credit/debit card used to make the booking.

9. When you receive your tickets
9.1. For Collect-at-station, Print-at-home, Paperless and Mobile Ticket bookings, a booking confirmation email will be delivered by Loco2 (or the carrier(s)) upon completion of your order. If the email confirmation containing your tickets or collection/paperless reference has not been received within 2 hours of your booking you should contact us. In the event that you have not received the email (including in your spam folder) and you fail to contact Loco2 within the specified time period, neither Loco2 or the carrier(s), accept any loss or liability for any ticket or ticket collection reference not received or consequential loss or costs that you may incur arising from your inability to travel.
9.2. It is your responsibility to check tickets at the point of booking. Any discrepancy must be notified as soon as possible, and no later than 2 days of receipt of tickets. Loco2 will assume that tickets/itinerary have been issued correctly unless we are notified of an error within the specified time period.
9.3. Responsibility for incorrect dates/times and passenger details are yours at the time of booking. We can only assist if the fare conditions of the ticket permit refunds or exchanges.
9.4. Amendments cannot usually be made to non-exchangeable/non-refundable tickets.
9.5. If you have any queries about your booking you should contact us in the first instance, and we will raise a query with the carrier(s) on your behalf. This applies also if you have queries regarding the accuracy and completeness of your tickets when you receive them.

10. Refunds and exchanges
10.1. Tickets with a compulsory seat reservation can only be used on the service specified on the ticket. To travel at another time or date, tickets will need to be exchanged (if fare conditions allow) or another ticket must purchased in order to travel.
10.2. Not all tickets are refundable or exchangeable. You will be notified of the specific fare conditions of the ticket before the point of purchase and you will be asked to confirm you have read these when booking.
10.3. Fare conditions may specify that tickets are non-flexible, non-exchangeable and non-refundable, or they may specify timeframes in which exchanges and refunds may be applied for. In addition, fare conditions may also specify the percentage of the fare that is retained by the carrier in the case of issuing a refund or exchange. These fare conditions are displayed before you make payment.
10.4. Where refund and exchange conditions are the same, tickets must be refunded and new tickets purchased instead of tickets being exchanged ("refund and rebook").
10.5. For "Refund and rebook" exchanges any credit card or PayPal fees are non-refundable, as per clause 10.18.
10.6. Refund and rebook will only be enforced where the refund and exchange conditions are identical.
10.7. Where ticket conditions allow an exchange, this can be for the date and time only, the route may not be changed. All exchanges are subject to availability in the same fare band as the original ticket. If no availability exists, you may be able to exchange for another fare band or upgrade at additional cost, subject to availability on the service your require.
10.8. Unless ticket conditions specifically allow otherwise, exchanges can only be made prior to the date and time on the ticket. All exchanges must be for a date within 2 months of the original travel date.
10.9. Loco2 and the carrier uphold the right to levy an administration fee for any changes requested (currently Loco2 charges no administration fee). Any administration fees levied by the carrier are passed on to you by Loco2.
10.10. Exchange and refund requests should be made via your Loco2 account.
10.11. Where exchanges are permissible, requests for amendments must be received at least 24 hours before departure of booked train. Changes requested less than 24 hours before departure cannot be guaranteed and Loco2 will not be held liable for any additional costs incurred if you wish to travel on a different train to the one originally booked.
10.12. It is not usually possible to exchange or refund tickets at the train station unless explicitly confirmed in the fare conditions or by a member of Loco2 staff prior to travel. If changes are required within 24 hours of departure, we recommend speaking to staff at the departure station prior to departure.
10.13. For tickets where exchange or refund is not possible via the Loco2 acccount, and after receiving your exchange or refund request (and where an exchange or refund is permitted by the fare conditions of the purchased ticket), we will notify you by email of the cost of the exchange or refund. We will also notify you by email whether you are required to return ticket(s) to us by post.
10.14. If we notify you by email that you are required to return ticket(s) to us by post, all tickets (both outbound and return) must be returned to Loco2 within 28 days of the travel date in order for an exchange or refund to be made (this applies to exchanges made prior to, during and after travel where the applying fare conditions allow this). Failure to do this will prevent the exchange or refund of tickets.
10.15. We advise that any tickets required to be returned by post are posted using special delivery, which will incur an additional charge to be paid by you. Loco2 is not liable for any tickets lost in the post when being returned to us.
10.16. When you request a refund for tickets that cannot be refunded via your Loco2 account, and where the fare conditions of your ticket(s) permit refunds, Loco2 will either contact the carrier on your behalf to apply for a refund, or advise you on how to obtain a refund directly from the carrier.
10.17. Refunds are not usually possible where a ticket has been partially used. In the event of disruption or non-provision of part of a service by a carrier, an appropriate endorsement must be obtained as per clause 13.1.
10.18. Once processed, refunds will be made to the same debit/credit card used for the original purchase.
10.22. Where a credit card or PayPal has been used for payment, any credit card or PayPal fees will not be refunded.
10.23. Where the delivery method is postal as per clause 8.4, any postage fees will not be refunded.
10.24. Where a ticket permits an exchange, further costs may be incurred according to the fare conditions and price of new tickets. Loco2 will notify you of any additional fees and provide an online additional payment form. Any required new tickets will be issued on receipt of payment.

11. Changes required by us
11.1. Carriers can at any time prior to confirmation of the booking, vary the price of the ticket without notice. The final price will be shown at the point of purchase.
11.2. Loco2 or the relevant carrier(s) may amend the confirmation of the booking or payment taken for tickets where an error has been made or where a force majeure event occurs, requiring such variation. These variations and amendments will be binding on you.
11.3. If a carrier makes a material change to the booking, you will be advised as soon as possible. You will be required to immediately elect to accept the change, make another booking or cancel the booking. Where the booking is cancelled, in cases where payment has been received, we will refund you in full.

12. Before/during/after the journey
12.1. You are responsible for the safekeeping of tickets. If a booking confirmation email is lost and you can quote the booking reference number and email used during the booking, we can re-send the email. Other than this, Loco2 or the carrier(s) cannot replace lost, stolen or mislaid tickets, nor refund their cost.
12.2. Neither Loco2, nor carrier(s) will be liable to you if travel has not been possible because the passenger(s) do not have the correct documents, including passport and visas where necessary. It is your responsibility to check whether passengers require a visa to travel to, or via, a specific country or countries and to make full arrangements for this prior to the purchase of the ticket.
12.3. Passengers must retain all tickets for the duration of their journey (including outbound tickets until the end of the return journey) and produce them when requested. In case of after-sales query or complaint, it may be necessary for all tickets related to the whole booking to be returned on request.
12.4. If you travel without a valid ticket, or in the wrong class, or on a discounted ticket for which you are ineligible, you may be charged on the basis of the full fare applicable to the train, journey and class in which you are travelling as at the date of your journey.
12.5. Breaks in the journey are only allowed if the ticket type explicitly permits them.

13. Claims
13.1. If your journey is cancelled or severely disrupted it may be possible to claim a refund or other compensation, regardless of the fare conditions of your ticket(s).
13.2 In most cases your claim should be made directly with the carrier, and Loco2 will advise how to submit claims in this way according to the process outlined by the relevant carrier(s).
13.3All claims must be made by email within 28 days of the date of travel. Loco2 will then advise of the need to return any tickets by post. Confirmation of the disruption including endorsement of appropriate ticket(s) must be obtained from a member of train staff present when the disruption took place.
13.4. As an agent or sub-agent to the carrier(s), Loco2 is not liable for claims arising from actual travel. Loco2 will forward any notices or claims received to the appropriate carrier(s) for action where necessary.

14. Luggage
14.1. The CIV (see 5.4.2) and conditions of carriage of the carriers contain exclusions and limitations stating the liability of the carriers for loss, damage, destruction of luggage and late delivery of registered luggage.
14.2. Carriers may impose restrictions on the amount of luggage passengers may carry, and may levy a fee in respect to excess luggage, or require excess luggage to be sent via a registered baggage service.
14.3. The carrier may decline to accept certain items of luggage. Passengers are advised to check the details before travelling.
14.4. Lost and unclaimed luggage will be dealt with in accordance with the carrier's own conditions of carriage. You are responsible for making yourself aware of these conditions.

15. Liability for death and injury
15.1. You agree that the following terms apply to cover the carrier's liability for injury or death while using the services of a carrier.
15.2. For tickets covered by the CIV (see 5.4.2), the limitations of liability and other relevant conditions set out in the CIV apply so far as the same are enforceable at law.
15.3. For journeys wholly within one country, you agree that the law to which the carrier is subject shall determine its liability.

16. Limitations on liability
16.1. Your rights and the liability of the carrier in the case of failure to perform or improper performance of the contract with them depends on the applicable relevant conditions of carriage of the carrier, which may restrict liability and, when applicable, the conditions on liability set out in the CIV (see 5.4.2).
16.2. You agree that Loco2 will not be liable for the failure, negligence or breach of duty, law or contract of any carrier. Save in the case of breach of these terms and conditions and death or personal injury resulting from negligence, liability under Loco2 and in connection with its contract with you is limited to refunding the price of the tickets that have been purchased.
16.3. You also agree that Loco2 or the carrier(s) is not liable for the theft, loss of or damage to luggage or personal effects or for any loss caused by a force majeure event. You agree that Loco2 or the carrier will not be liable for consequential loss or damage incurred by you.
16.4. Neither Loco2 nor the carrier will be liable for any delay, poor performance or failure in performance caused by a force majeure event which affects delivery of tickets, travelling arrangements or actual travelling.

17. Governing Law
17.1. Except in the case of tickets issued by SNCF in Euros, the laws of England and Wales shall apply to all disputes arising in connection with the service and the contract between you and Loco2, and the English Courts shall have sole jurisdiction.
17.2 For all tickets issued by SNCF in Euros, the laws of France shall apply.
17.3. The law designated in the CIV (see 5.4.2) governs disputes howsoever arising in connection with a carrier's services and your contract with them for journeys over the territories of at least two countries.
17.4. The law to which a carrier is subject governs disputes arising in connection with a carrier's services and your contract with them for journeys within the boundaries of one country.

18. Use of your email address
18.1. When you make a booking you are given the option to create an account with Loco2. If you choose to do this we will add your email address to our email newsletter mailing list and you will receive emails on an approximately monthly basis. You can unsubscribe instantly at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email or by editing your notification preferences when signed into your Loco2 account.
18.2. When you make a booking we share your email address with the independent review site, Trustpilot, who will send you a single email inviting you to review the Loco2 booking experience. If you choose to sign up to Trustpilot in order to leave a review you will need to agree to their terms and conditions, which may include opting into marketing emails from Trustpilot or their partners. If you choose not to leave a review, Trustpilot will never email you again, nor will they share your email address with any partners. If you would prefer not to sign up to Trustpilot you can send feedback to Loco2 by emailing
18.3. We will never share your email address or any other personal details with any third party for marketing purposes without obtaining your explicit consent. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

19. Complaints
19.1. If you have a complaint about Loco2 please email with the word "Complaint" in the subject line. We will acknowledge receipt of any complaints within one (1) week of receiving them, and we will respond in full no later than one (1) month after acknowledging receipt.
19.2. If you have a complaint about a carrier(s) you have travelled with using a ticket booked through Loco2, you should follow the complaints procedure of the carrier(s) in question. However you are free to also contact Loco2 and we will attempt to pass the details of the complaint on to the carrier(s), as far as it is within our control to do so.

20. Suspected fraudulent payments
20.1. If we suspect your booking has been made with a stolen credit or debit card, Loco2 reserves the right to cancel your tickets and void or refund the payment.
20.2. In instances where fraud is suspected Loco2 will send an email to the email address provided at the time of booking. The booking will be quarantined until Loco2 is satisfied that additional security checks have been passed.
20.3. Passengers who attempt to travel with a ticket that has been cancelled according to clause 20.1 will be refused entry by the train manager and the relevant local authorities alerted.

21. UK rail terms and conditions

In addition to the above terms and conditions, the following conditions apply when you book UK rail tickets on Loco2:

21.1. Use of London International CIV tickets on UK trains.

21.1.1. When you book outbound tickets from the UK for international journeys that go via London St Pancras, you are given the option to purchase a "London International CIV" ticket for the UK portion of your journey. In order for this ticket to be valid for travel you must, when requested, present your print at home ticket or collect at station reference relevant to the Eurostar portion of your journey.

21.2. The National Rail Conditions of Carriage (as updated from time to time) sets out the minimum level of service you are entitled to expect in relation to your UK train journey. They also set out your rights and responsibilities in respect of any train journeys made on the UK railway network, including the liability of the carriers in respect of loss caused by the delay and/or cancellation of any train, by any missed connection or by the closure of the railway as well as in respect of loss or damage to, and delay in the delivery of luggage and its contents. The National Rail Conditions of Carriage entitle customers to the same levels of compensation or refund entitlements regardless of where they purchase their ticket. Full National Rail Conditions of carriage can be found here.
21.3. UK fare conditions may refer to restrictions and permitted routes. To understand the full conditions of your ticket please refer to

22. Eurostar Conditions of Carriage

22.1. In addition to the above terms and conditions, Eurostar International Limited’s Conditions of Carriage and apply to your use of Eurostar train services when you book Eurostar rail tickets on Loco2. Full Eurostar Conditions of carriage can be found here.

23. Deutsche Bahn terms and conditions

23.1. Some purchases using the service include Deutsche Bahn tickets. You will be informed at the point of purchase, and you will be asked to agree to additional terms and conditions before confirming your purchase.

24. SNCF terms and conditions

23.1. Some purchases using the service include SNCF tickets sold in Euros. You will be informed at the point of purchase, and you will be asked to agree to additional terms and conditions before confirming your purchase.

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