Summertime, and the bookin' is easy

Summertime, and the bookin' is easy

2 March 2016

From 3 March, extended booking opens for summer train travel from France to Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Every year the booking horizon for many trains in Europe is extended, making it easier to find and book the cheapest rail tickets for travel during the summer holidays. Although advance booking doesn't mean there are more cheap tickets, it does make it simpler to find the low fares. Early bird tickets are always the cheapest and sell out fast!

If you haven't already, set an alert for your intended destination and dates. We'll send you a link to your search results as soon as booking opens. This year, there are two events to add to your diary:

International TGV

On Thursday 3 March, international TGVs will open for sale for travel from 1 July - 28 August 2016.

This includes all international high-speed TGV from France to Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland:

French summer sales

On Thursday 31 March, the remainder of France's high-speed network will open for sale for travel between 1 July - 28 August 2016.

This includes all high-speed TGVs within France, such as trains from Paris to La Rochelle. For more ideas of where to visit and how to book, check our guide to trains to France.

If your destination isn't covered, check our Help article for a list of rail operators and when we expect them to open booking for the summer train timetable.

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