Get live data on our apps!

Get live data on our apps!

15 December 2016

Realtime data for UK rail added to our mobile apps, and a major update for iPhones.

With a growing number of people using Loco2 to book UK trains, we've updated our mobile apps (iPhone and Android) to be more useful for travellers on the move. 

The addition of realtime data for UK journeys lets you check if your train's on time and which platform it departs from before you even arrive at the station. Once on board, you can easily keep track of your journey progress and estimated arrival time too.

Up to 30 minutes before your scheduled departure, realtime data will appear on your Current Trip dashboard alongside your ticket collection reference and seat reservations so everything you need is in one place!  

Both apps now also include the option to pay in both Euros or Pounds. This makes price comparison easier for journeys outside of the UK, and means you can be sure you're getting the best deal in your preferred currency.  

Major iPhone update

Since iPhone is the preferred device of 65% of our mobile users, we've put extra effort into our iOS app, with a major design overhaul to accompany the new features. 

As well as integrating live data and multiple currencies, we've added push notifications for iPhone to alert you shortly before your trip so you can swipe straight to your Current Trip. Other changes include a simplified menu that makes navigating the app easier and faster. In fact, the whole app has been re-engineered for quicker interactions and a more native feel. 

We're really excited about launching Loco2.0, but we're not stopping here! Please rate the app and share your feedback so we can keep improving.

Realtime data is made possible thanks to National Rail's commitment to open data, which lets us access the same data that powers departure boards in stations and other UK rail booking apps. So big thanks to the forward-thinking execs who made it possible! 

And thanks to Luke and Lee from the Loco2 team who worked tirelessly to make this possible. We're so 'appy! 

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