Print your own origami train

♫ All we want for Christmas is an origami bullet train ♫

Calling ferroequinologists (that's trainspotters to you and me) everywhere! If you think you've seen everything in the world of rail enthusiasm, think again...

Loco2 have unearthed an incredible archive of DIY Origami trains for you to download and print from the West Japan Railway Company website. Well in actual fact, we heard of this amazing find via Ffestiniog Travel who in turn learned of it from Japan Rail Pass but who could keep such a thing secret?

So if you're a railway enthusiast or simply stumped for a Christmas gift for the trainspotter in your life, this is the perfect gift!

We have reproduced some of our favourite examples below, but head over to the West Japan origami archive where you can view the full range of trains. The site charts trains through the ages from steam locomotives to the new bullet trains, in all their origami glory. There are even sidings and bridges thrown in to complete your paper metropolis.

The most exciting part of this is that all of these nets are absolutely FREE so you can paper engineer to your heart's content. Just print them out (in colour, or colour them in yourself) and get cutting and sticking! The site is in Japanese, but it's intuitive enough to figure out for non-linguists out there... And should you fold the full collection, the site has separate pages with downloadable colouring in and recycled paper craft so get your craft head on now!

Steam Locomotive

The first  steam locomotive to run in Japan, the Hokkaido, was an American import that began service in 1880.

Ninja train

A local train emblazoned in anime characters? Yep, Japan has it all! Recreate a miniature of this famous ninja train featuring Fujiko Fujio's brightly coloured cartoons, as we hear the train itself is no longer in service.

Twilight Express

Setting off from Osaka station at noon, rolling through the Seikan tunnel and into Sapporo the following morning, the Twilight Express embodies luxury. Make your own sophisticated sleeper if the real deal is a little on the expensive side.

Shinkansen N700

 Also known as the Sakura Mizuho  ("Cherry Blossom") this is the latest in the fleet of super fast Japanese bullet trains, topping 300kph. We challenge to some high-speed origami of the high-speed train of your choosing!

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