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8 January 2015

We've made big changes to Loco2 accounts. It's now possible to save searches, passengers and tickets, for a smoother, faster checkout.

Based on your feedback, we've been developing new tools to improve your booking experience. Here's a quick overview of three new features:

Save searches

If you're planning a trip you may not want to book trains immediately, especially if you want to check plans with fellow travellers, consider alternative routes or book accomodation before you book. 

It's a hassle to write down train times, then re-run your search later to look at the same imformation again. With this in mind, we've made it possible to save searches to your account so that you can easily find and share them later. 

Simply click the 'save search' button on any results page and we'll capture the date, time and destination. You can view saved searches at any time via your account. 

As well as showing saved searches, your searches page also keeps track of up to ten recent searches, even if you didn't save them.

Save passenger names

We know that it's annoying to enter passenger details more than once, especially if you often travel with the same people. So we've created a Saved Passenger feature for accounts. 

Add as many passengers as you like (including name and date of birth). When you reach the Passenger page you can simply select who's travelling from your list, saving you time.  

Visit your saved passengers page to get started or save passengers as you go along.

Save tickets in your basket

You can now hold tickets in your basket for an extended time, for anything from 30 minutes to 7 days, depending on the ticket type. Previously, all tickets would expire after 30 minutes, making it necessary to check out quickly to secure them. This could be quite stressful, especially for orders containing multiple tickets.

We now allow you to hold tickets for long as each rail operator permits. The length of time varies depending on the operator and ticket type - the cheapest tickets can't usually be held for more than 30 minutes, but some can be held for a week or even more. 

When you add a ticket to your basket, the expiry time will be displayed. You can come back to complete your purchase at any time before expiry by clicking the basket icon at the top of the screen. 

The basket is associated with your account so if you're signed in when you add the ticket, you can access it later by signing in again, even on another device.

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