Mobile train tickets - are paper tickets a thing of the past?

Mobile train tickets - are paper tickets a thing of the past?

At Loco2 we are all about mobile tickets - because our main aim is to get you mobile, quickly and easily.

Paper is passé when it comes to trains. You can fight it, but it’s a reality. It’s not the case in other sectors, however, such as books, which are having a revival with people turning back to the tactile experience of reading. Trains, however, are leaving paper behind and going mobile, and at Loco2 we are not only embracing the change but leading it. Because ultimately it makes booking train travel easier, and that is what we are all about. It also means cheaper tickets, as ticket machines cost the consumer big time. So, when you book a train at Loco2 we no longer post paper tickets. Condolences if you are still mourning the days where you could stick your SNCF ticket in a scrapbook. But it’s time to let go.

What are mobile tickets?

Mobile tickets refer to any sort of ticket that can be displayed on your mobile phone or tablet. You can book your ticket on our website or using your mobile app (iPhone and Android) and, as long as you have booked through your account, your purchase will appear in the Loco2 app on your mobile phone. If you are concerned about not having data or wifi while you travel, you can always take a screenshot of your ticket and barcodes and save them to your photos.

Can I go mobile in both UK and Europe

We are the only train booking platform where you can book all the way from London to Warsaw, top to toe of Italy or Scotland to Switzerland. With big beautiful bar codes for each beautiful place you plan to visit. Well for most of them anyway. The Eurostar leg of your journey will not be barcoded - you will have to print that out at home. And for UK travel, in most cases, you still have to print off your tickets at a machine in the station. It is all made very clear when you buy your ticket, however, so don’t panic. We will also have many more UK tickets available on mobile soon, however, so watch this space - and don’t worry, we will be shouting loud and clear about it when we are able to offer you 100% paperless train travel in the UK. We need to get Britain barcoded as soon as possible.

Don't like being phone dependent? 

We appreciate that not everyone has a smartphone with all the up to date app-iness features. Your booking confirmation email and Loco2 account contain your mobile tickets, and if you wish you can print them at home, or go beg a neighbour when your printer ink runs out. As mentioned above, for UK tickets you still have to collect most of them at the station anyway but this is changing rapidly. It’s always sensible to have a portable charger of course, if your phone dies at that crucial moment when the ticket inspector looms over you. You should also always ensure that your phone or tablet’s screen is free of scratches or cracks, so that the barcode can be read easily.

Still attached to paper?

We love slow travel at Loco2 and so although you may not have a billet, boleto or biglietto to hold in your hand, there is no better place to tuck up with a good book than on a train. So treat yourself to a page-turner for the journey instead or, even better, pack a journal and write about your adventure as a keepsake. You could even go mad and pack some writing paper and send someone a letter. There are some traditions we do still value at Loco2. Because once you are on your way, a train journey is actually a great time to switch off your devices and engage those other sides of your brain. Or just switch off completely and stare out the window. 

Read our blog Homage to Slow for some more ideas.

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