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Long European train journeys

Long European train journeys

There’s something undeniably romantic about taking a long train journey. Discover the best long distance train rides in Europe.

Straight out of the pages of Agatha Christie or the movie reels of David Lean, long distance train rides conjure adventure, style and nostalgia for a bygone era. It is fact, not fiction, however, that for modern travellers, long train rides can also be easy. With the majority of cross-border train journeys in continental Europe, you have four days to complete them, allowing you to hop off en route. So, long train adventures don’t have to be arduous. Or expensive, because you can break it up at no extra cost. That way, you can enjoy not only the likes of Amsterdam and the Alps, Paris and Puglia but many beauties in between. Discover some of the best train rides in Europe here. 

Paris to Puglia

You could spend 20 hrs travelling between Paris and Puglia by train, but why would you, when you can stop at Zurich, Milan, Bari and finally Lecce en route? Wander down Parisian boulevards and kick back around the cities of Italy’s iconic boot. Capitals, chocolate and coast - that’s the ticket.

Marseille to Morocco

The only thing better than taking a holiday is taking several holidays. Turn 30 hrs into three memorable mini-breaks en route as you travel along the Mediterranean coasts from Marseille to Morocco. Revel in the diverse destinations this route has to offer, including the historic port city of Marseille, medieval Montpellier, Barcelona and finally Algeciras, ferry port to Tangiers Med port, Morocco. 

Amsterdam to Lausanne

Travel from low country to high following a variety of routes as you journey from Amsterdam to Lausanne. From Rembrandt to raclette, choose from journeys that proffer stops at Koblenz and the Rhine Gorge, Cologne, Bern, Lucerne and Lausanne

The Habsburg Empire

For a royally memorable rail adventure, a long train journey along The Habsburg Empire trail shouldn’t be missed. As well as Venice, Habsburg heritage highlights include the Adriatic city of Trieste and the capital cities of Ljubljana and Zagreb. For an additional treat, take the sleeper train from Paris to Venice.

The Hungaria

The Hungaria is the name given to the direct train from Hamburg to Budapest, taking 14 hrs. If you’re looking for a train route that will show you some of Europe’s most famous landmarks, this journey’s for you. Spend time in four capital cities en route: Berlin, Prague, Bratislava and, last but certainly not least, Budapest

Swiss Alps to Italy

Combine majestic mountains with sunny seaside on a train journey from Switzerland to Italy. Start in Chur, the oldest town in the Swiss Alps and, en route, marvel at Milan, lounge around the lakeside city of Zurich or Arth-Goldau, gateway to the Rigi Panoramic Trail, and end by luxuriating in the natural beauty of Lakes Lugano and Como.

Other long journey tips 

When you search for international train journeys on our website, click on the name of the train operator in the search box to reveal all the stations along the way where you can hop off. This way, you can be sure to get the most out of your European train journeys, and curate your own itinerary to best suit your plans. 

If you're wanting to travel through a specific station, try clicking on "More options" when you're inputting your ticket search. You can also take a look at our many Country Guides to get some more inspiration for your holiday destinations. 

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