Introducing a new look for Loco2

Introducing a new look for Loco2

We’ve undertaken a massive project to completely redesign Loco2.

Along with a brand new logo and colour scheme, we've worked really hard to make the whole booking process more simple, with a clean and modern look.

New logo

Choosing a new logo was one of the hardest parts of the redesign. It isn't easy to find a graphic that everybody likes without falling into the trap of design by committee.

To make the process less painful, we enlisted the help of long-time friend of Loco2, Rosa Van Wyk, who initially worked with Loco2 way back in 2009 before it was really even a thing. As well as being a great designer, Rosa knows us well enough to tell us when our ideas are terrible!

We're pretty sure our new logo isn't going to spark a wave of internet parodies (presumably a good thing?!) but it's still tricky to get right. The new version is not unlike the old one, but with a simplified graphic and clean lines, we think it's a good reflection of our passion for booking trains simply.

Loco2 new logo

Clean, simple design

We've long been focused on delivering the best user experience, making Loco2 as easy to use as possible. We're constantly tweaking how the booking flow works to make it more intuitive, but it's been some time since we updated our look and feel.

The new look is clean and slick, with a simple colour palette and a responsive design that works across desktop, tablet and mobile. Booking train tickets is complicated enough already, so it's important that the booking process is free from distractions. We've therefore stuck closer than ever to our no-clutter principle in the new design.

Loco2 redesign - search results on desktop and mobile

Discover rail content

As part of the redesign, we’ve also added a fancy new search tool to show off the inspirational and informative content we’ve created over the years. The "Discover" tool searches blog posts, help content, train guides and destinations, to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

And now that we've broken away from the fixed-width dimensions of the old design, we're free to show off Europe's amazing destinations with strong, inspiring imagery that speaks volumes (even though we'll kind of miss the background image that sat behind all pages in the previous design).   

Loco2 discover tool

We're excited about launching the new design, but it's not without some trepidation. A big overhaul like this has the potential to create as many issues as it solves, and no amount of testing can prepare us for hundreds of thousands of users hitting the site. So if anything looks like it's gone awry, please let us know.

Now that the cat is finally out of the bag we want to say a massive thanks to Sean who's been the creative driving force behind the new look, and of course the rest of the team for working tirelessly to re-build the front-end of Loco2 with its shiny new finish. 

We think it's a definite step up for Loco2 - we hope you agree! 

Loco2 is a search engine for train tickets. Our simple, fast booking platform makes it easy to buy train tickets in the UK and across Europe.

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