Loco2 - Culture and People

Loco2 - Culture and People

Loco2 is set up to build the cheapest, friendliest and most convenient platform for booking train tickets. Here's a little more about who we are...

Loco2 was launched in 2012 by a team of people who were committed to making international train journeys as easy and inexpensive as possible. As well as a passion for locomotives, Loco2 means 'Low CO2' - by simplifying the booking process, the team hoped to help travellers ditch the plane for a lower carbon journey by train.

Since then, through many lines of code and vast amounts of data, Loco2 now knits together the booking systems of rail operators in the UK and across Europe, allowing customers to book everything from a simple commute to an epic adventure.

Fast forward to July 2017, and the business was acquired by the Voyages-SNCF (now Oui.SNCF) group. This was a major change for the team but under the stewardship of the new owners, Loco2 has the resources we need to make booking travel as simple as possible, on any device.

Beyond our business model, Loco2 is in many ways a family. We spend lots of time together at work and all subscribe to the idea that open communication, trust, empathy, and shared knowledge and responsibility are critical to creating a great company.

We are hiring! Find out what life is like at Loco2

If you create a great user experience, customers will come back to you again and again and tell their friends. In other words, at Loco2 we believe the product is marketing. Some of those experiences are recounted in the many testimonials we receive and we read them all, good and bad! 

Our team is organised into six main departments - Engineering, Design, Product Management, Marketing, Finance and Customer Support (our Travel Geeks!) - to ensure we’re constantly improving the user experience.

We believe freedom of execution creates happier team members and improves not just productivity but also creativity and proactive decision making. To us, each person’s autonomy over their work-life balance is critical: we offer flexible hours, encouraging the team to work when they’re most productive. Some start early so they have more time in the afternoon for their kids. Others love a morning spent in a sunny garden so might start later. Others like to work weekends, with more freedom during the week.

On that note, we're hiring no less than seven new people to join the team! Our engineering, marketing, and customer support teams are all growing fast.

Our team comes from far and wide - current team members come from and/or work in 14 different countries, benefiting from our remote-friendly working culture. And we're international as well as distributed - Renee is from Australia; Yannis from Greece; Cristina and Giovanni from Italy; Aurelie, Olivier, and Samia from France; and Doreen from Germany.  But there's a strong contingent from the UK too since the majority of our employees are based in London or elsewhere in the British Isles.

We also love remote working: many of our employees save loads of time every day on commutes, and for many roles, we benefit from location-agnostic hiring. This has some great advantages, the best of which is that we tend to hire the best person for the job, regardless of geography. 

"I find that working remotely with Loco2 means I tend to spend more time diving in to a problem myself and understanding it properly before asking questions of others. There are always other developers available if I'm stuck but I find that I understand our codebase much better as a result of figuring things out myself." (Rory, Software Engineer)

When it comes to getting the job done, we believe in our employees and are all about achieving a sense of flow and focus! Flow, being a state of mind, of complete immersion in an activity, and focus being clarity of thought expressed through mindful communication. Allowing others to achieve flow and focus is a big part of how we support each other.

We’re all about “long-distance relationships”! We use different tools and processes to ensure that everyone - no matter where he or she is based - feels supported and part of the company. To best achieve this we have well-documented communication processes, and we use Basecamp and Trello to share information, plan and organise projects. But mostly we just like each other, so naturally, find ways to communicate that keep us all in constant touch.

Our days aren’t full of meetings. We aim to keep them to a minimum and make sure they’re short and effective. Everyone uses Slack to communicate on a regular basis, and the #general channel is a central water cooler where we all say hello and spend a little time hanging out each working day, chatting about news stories, daily frustrations and just connect with our colleagues. We have a company-wide daily ‘stand-up’ policy on Slack, where people say what they’ve got planned for the day ahead and how things are going in general. This gives us a feel for what everyone’s working on and allows us to support, resolve concerns, and stay connected.

Travel Geeks staying on track!  

We also recap our weekend adventures on Monday morning; we’re an outdoorsy bunch - as well as being hard workers during our weekdays  - and our weekends look like this…

Within our team, we’ve got developer Rory, based near Grenoble and passionate about highlining.

Catherine, a long-serving Travel Geek who’s based in Alaska, loves to take on the spectacular outdoor challenges in truly amazing surroundings.  

Our Social Media Manager, Andrew, is a keen tennis player who used to play at a national level. 


He's certain this was a thumping winner...

New Travel Geek Andy here is an avid skateboarder, he also helped build a skatepark in Rotherham using reclaimed materials.

Aside from sport and physical activity, co-founder and COO Kate is becoming a gardening/veggie patch pro. She grows prize-winning carrots. 


Marketing VP Cristina is always off checking out the latest music scene and we all love to travel. Our CEO Dave is always somewhere exciting and different. We really do have a whole lot going on in our team.

Dorset, from Doreen 

 “Working remotely for Loco2 has allowed me to advance my career and enjoy my personal life simultaneously. No daily commute means I have much more energy for life and I’m making the most of it!” (Joe, Travel Geek). 

Standing for trains, travelling with them... 

We are committed to our mission of simplifying the booking process for trains throughout Europe to give customers a better experience and offer viable alternatives to flying. Many on our team choose to travel by train wherever possible. Some recent employee train trips included traveling around the UK on six different carriers in a single 24 hour period, travelling to and around Italy by rail, and getting to and touring the Swiss Alps all from a seat side window! By the way, those who have tried it claim Swiss trains can be pretty great, as highlighted in our Great Train Comparison Report!

The Loco2 retreat 

Once a year, we all meet up for the ‘Loco2 Retreat’. Last year we gathered in France for three days to bond (some of us had been working together for years and had never met before), enjoy the sun, sea, wonderful French food and wine and, of course, discuss the ambitious plans of the business. 

It’s not just at our retreat that we try and get everyone together. Our monthly Lunch & Learns are a great opportunity to get together and keep updated on how things are going within different parts of the business. Sometimes we even have themed Lunch & Learns! Our theme for July was American food, much to our American CEO’s delight.

There’s more to life at Loco2. We’re totally flexible about employees working on trains. This makes it fairly easy for remote workers to reach the office when needed.
The people based in the Central London office have lunches and drinks in the park and we make sure to take advantage of the yoga gym in the building.

Loco2 is a growing company and a thriving one! We’re constantly working to improve on our own internal culture and the experience we offer customers, we do all of this whilst keeping our core values close at hand. We are a business that is open, honest, and behave with respect for people and planet standing for equal opportunity and fair play in a just world.

If you’re like-minded, please get in touch. We might just love to have you as part of the team.

 "The best onboarding I've ever had. From day 1 everyone has been awesome, and makes you feel like part of the family. Loco2 invested heavily in my training to give me the best possible start, and I couldn't be happier working here!”
(Christian, new Travel Geek)  

Renee & Andrew.

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