Introducing Guardian Trains - Loco2 partners with the Guardian

Loco2 have partnered with the Guardian to create 'Guardian Trains', making it easier for more people to discover the joy of rail travel.

Today we are thrilled to announce that Loco2 has partnered with the Guardian to create Guardian Trains. This is a huge milestone for Loco2, and a really exciting step for our small team. Combining the Guardian's inspiring travel content with Loco2's simple train booking tool means more people can discover the joy of European train travel.

What to expect from Guardian Trains

Guardian trains montage

Visitors to the Guardian's travel pages can now access a "Guardian Trains" tool, bringing Loco2's ease of booking to the thousands of people who visit the Guardian online every week. Users can expect the same high standard of usability and Loco2 customer service, all under the trusted Guardian travel brand.

Head of Consumer Offers at the Guardian, Jo Burns, comments:

Guardian and Observer readers have always been strong advocates of environmentally friendly travel and are also among the most frequent short haul cultural explorers. This online service makes it so straightforward to plan and book international rail journeys, we jumped at the chance to work with this innovative company and hope our readers find Guardian Trains inspirational and economical.


It seems fitting for Loco2 to be partnered with the publication that first spotted our potential. And we're delighted to have more customers on board as we continue our mission to make booking European trains as easy as booking a flight.

Thanks to everyone at the Guardian who has worked hard to make this happen. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as the partnership evolves!

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