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  • Celebrate Day of the dead in Europe

    day-dead-thumb Halloween is well known for its images of witches, ghosts and ghouls, crazy costumes and trick-or-treating. But for countries with a Roman Catholic heritage it's old news... Read more

  • Most haunted: Europe’s creepiest castles

    Spooky castle In the spirit (or should that be phantom?!) of Halloween, and all things that go bump in the night, we go in search of spooky traincations to Europe's creepiest castles. Read more

  • Lost in translation: hand signs around the world

    Thumbs Up Back in the 1990's, having previously claimed to be something of a body language expert, George Bush Snr. signalled a V for Victory to the crowd. In the States it represented an expression of solidarity, but across the water in Australia he was giving the gathered masses "two fingers" and probably pitching for a fight! Read more

  • Top 10 strange homes in Europe

    Strange houses thumbnail From the cool to the downright odd, Europe is home to all sorts of strange buildings. We've selected some weird and wonderful places that people live to inspire your next trip by train. Read more

  • Cycling in Paris: Using the cycle scheme in Paris

    Travelling to Europe by train more often than not means an interchange in Paris. And while changing stations is easy with the excellent Paris Métro, it seems a waste to traverse this fine city on the underground when you could see the sights from the seat of the superb Vélib fleet. Read more

  • New Years Eve in Europe: Party like it’s 1999

    Ain't nothing like a good old knees up, and no better reason than New Year's to don your glad rags. Ring in the New Year in true continental fashion by brushing up on your knowledge of European customs. Read more

  • Step into a real life painting

    Even if art isn't usually your bag, there is something exciting about seeing the real-life locations of paintings. We look at some of the most famous art to come out of Europe, and explore how to visit where they were painted by train so you can see them yourself. Read more