Our train ticket coverage

This page explains which train tickets are currently available via Loco2. The map below shows which countries in Europe we currently cover, and below the map is a list of rail operators and other websites so that you can see how we compare to other sites on the web.

Ticket coverage

national rail enquiries

National Rail Enquiries is run by ATOC, the body representing all 23 UK train operators (e.g. Virgin, First Great Western, East Coast). It’s possible to search for trains on National Rail Enquiries, but booking takes place with the relevant operator. Loco2 is connected to the ATOC booking system so we can sell tickets for all trains, including with railcard discounts. National Rail Enquiries displays a small number of discounted advance fares that can only be booked directly with the train operator, meaning Loco2 is sometimes a few pounds more expensive. We also aren’t currently able to offer sleeper supplements for the Cornish Riviera or Caledonian Sleeper, or ferry port connections to Ireland.

eurostar train ticket coverage

Eurostar.com is majority-owned by the French national rail operator, SNCF. Loco2′s connection to SNCF (see below) means we can sell all European tickets available on Eurostar at exactly the same prices, including trains from London to Paris, Brussels, Lille and direct seasonal services to Avignon and the French alps. Eurostar also sells some tickets starting from a limited number of UK stations outside of London. On Eurostar these journeys are sold as one ticket and are priced differently to the UK-Europe journeys available on Loco2. We are able to sell tickets for journeys starting from any UK station, not just the limited number of stations offered by Eurostar.

voyages sncf train ticket coverage

Voyages-sncf.com is the main booking site of the French national rail operator, SNCF. Loco2 is connected to the SNCF booking system, so we have the same tickets and availability as the UK version of Voyages-SNCF.com. This includes excellent coverage of high speed trains between major French cities as well as comprehensive coverage of local stations within France. Other tickets outside of France (e.g. Paris to Barcelona) are also available on Loco2 via our connection to SNCF. There are also currently some tickets (IDTGV and OuiGo) not available on the UK version of Voyages-SNCF, and these are also not currently available on Loco2.

Deutsche Bahn

Bahn.com is the German national rail operator website. Loco2 offers the full complement of tickets available for online booking at the Deutsche Bahn website, bahn.com*. This includes all domestic German trains, and numerous internationals services including trains from Germany to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Zagreb. Loco2 adds no booking fee, so the price is the same as booking direct on bahn.com for all Europe train tickets.

* the only exception to this rule is City Night Line trains. These are still often available to book on Loco2 (via our connection to Rail Europe), but are priced differently to the prices available on the Deutsche Bahn site (sometimes cheaper, sometimes more expensive)


Renfe.com is the state-owned national rail operator of Spain, offering access to the largest high-speed rail network in Europe. Loco2 has a direct connection to the Renfe booking system, so we have the same tickets and availability as buying direct*. This includes excellent coverage of high-speed and regional trains including AVE, Euromed and Talgo. For all of these services, Loco2 has access to the cheapest "Turista Promo" fares which offer discounts of up to 70% on full price tickets. *The only exception is that we do not have access to 'Mesa' fares or Multi-buy discounts, available exclusively to Renfe.com.

the trainline

The Trainline is a privately-owned company that is connected to the same ATOC booking system as Loco2. This means that Loco2 can offer exactly the same tickets and prices as The Trainline, but we do not charge a booking fee (except for credit cards) so the final booking amount is slightly cheaper through us. The Trainline is currently UK-only and so cannot offer Eurostar or any of the other European trains available on Loco2. Other independent retailers similar to The Trainline include Redspottedhanky, Raileasy and others.

Rail Europe US

Raileurope.com is SNCF’s representative in North America. In general Loco2 offers the same Europe train tickets and availability as at raileurope.com, but there are some differences. For example, Raileurope.com offers domestic UK train tickets and postal delivery to US addresses, neither of which are currently offered by Loco2. Prices for tickets booked via Raileurope-world.com are different to those available on Loco2.

Rail Europe World

Raileurope-world.com is SNCF’s representative in Asia and the rest of the world. In general Loco2 offers the same tickets as raileurope-world.com, but there are some differences. For example, Raileurope-world.com can offer print-at-home tickets for Spain and ticketless travel for Italy. Also, Raileurope-world.com posts globally, a service not offered by Loco2. Tickets are priced in Euros, but prices for tickets booked via Raileurope-world.com are different to those available on Loco2.


idtgv.com sells tickets for iDTGV trains, a high speed service available from SNCF that can be booked exclusively online for certain high-speed routes within France. Loco2 is not yet able to sell tickets for all iDTGV trains, but we do offer coverage of exactly the same routes on board regular TGV services.


Trenitalia.com is the Italian national rail operator website. Loco2 is able to sell a range of international high speed trains to and from major Italian destinations, as well as many express services within the country. However we are not able to offer the full spectrum of cheap advance fares and so you can often find cheaper prices booking directly at TrenItalia.com. Loco2 sells all major international European train tickets sold at TrenItalia (e.g. the Thello between Paris and Italy).


Thello is a train operator running night trains between France and Italy. Loco2 can offer tickets for all Thello routes, but we can only offer standard fares, meaning that is often significantly cheaper to book directly at Thello.com.

We want to be honest and transparent about Loco2′s train ticket coverage. We pride ourselves on being impartial and offering straightforward information about trains, tickets and prices. If you have any questions please visit our Q&A section.